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Weekly Rhythm

Monday~ Home Care and Bread Day. We take care to prepare projects for the week and care for our special spaces. Bread Day is an all day adventure and everyone helps! 
Tuesday~Tortillas and Painting Day. We will press and roll our tortillas for our rice and beans and after rest we will dive into the world of color with wet watercolor painting. 
Wednesday~ Music and Woodwork.  Old Gnome will welcome his friend Miss Pat and we will have Music Together durning Ring Time. Our friend,Mr. Duncan, will guide the children though ongoing woodworking projects and invite children to build and repair in the play yard. 
Thursday~ Gardening and Seasonal Crafts. We will take extra special care of our garden and animal friends this day. Often we will gather items from the grounds and gardens for our seasonal crafts! Our crafting activities will extend over the month and be special part of celebrating the season. 
Friday~ Home Care and Pizza Day. As we prepared our projects we will now put them away and take extra care to put our PlayGarden to rest for the weekend. We will enjoy making yummy pizza with Mr. Dave too!

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