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Daily Rhythm

• 8:30 ~Drop off begins~ Children help set up morning work.

• 9:00 ~Begin morning work~ Enjoy yummy nibbles and quiet free play, little ones are fed well and prepared for morning nap. 

• 9:30 ~Ring Time~ The story of Old Gnome guides us through seasonal rhymes, finger plays, and creative movement journeys. At ring time, Old Gnome will visit the Weekday Elves(learning the days of the week), The Weather Tree(connecting to nature processes around us), Silent Jay Bird (American sign language) and many, many critters of the forest who have fun games to play and stories to share(alphabet and math songs and games). At special times, Old Gnome will journey us to far off lands to celebrate and learn about new traditions or enjoy special festival games and songs.

• 10:00 ~Snack Time~ We will warm our tummies with a hardy snack of porridge featuring the best seasonal delights.

• 10:15 ~Tidy Up~ Everyone helps to clean up the snack and special time is taken refresh and prepare oneself for outside play.

• 10:30 ~Outside Play~ Perhaps the most important time of the day! Time will stop and allow for deep, imaginative play and expansive movement. Children are invited into meaningful work in the PlayGarden. Play areas and sensory tables are simply and beautifully crafted to invite the children to explore many different kinds of play/ learning. Loose Parts are everywhere for the children to create the play worlds of their own making.  With clear boundaries, gentle form and ever present caregivers the children can grow, learn and play in freedom.

• 11:45 ~Tidy Up~ Yard care and self care to prepare for lunch.

• 12:00 ~Stone Soup~ Sometimes soup and sometimes not but always food that everyone has contributed some work, ingredient and love to be blessed and share together.

• 12:15 ~Tidy Up~ Everyone helps to tidy up the lunch area and each other.

• 12:30 ~Story and Rest~ We come inside to our napping mats, hands and face are washed with a warm lavender cloth. A lovely puppet story is offered just before afternoon dreams. Everyone rests. Non-napping children are offered books or quiet play.

• 2:30 ~Refreshments~ A small snack of the fruit each child has brought refreshes.

• 2:45 ~Yard Play and Activity~ We expand again with big play or a walk to the Far Meadow and Forest then enjoy our activity for the day.

• 3:30 ~Quick Snack and Clean Up~ We enjoy last nibbles and clean up ourselves and PlayGarden room.

• 4:00 ~Dismissal~ When all is tidy and packed away, we end with a short Goodbye Circle. 

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